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德文裡的 schnaps=英文Schnapps


American schnapps是指酒精濃度達到32%的蒸餾酒類,其實就



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,喝下時會帶著淡淡的果香。它的味道有點類似eau de vie 白蘭地,


釀schnaps的原料是蘋果或梨子,叫Obstler or Obstbrand,在德國北



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吃了大魚大肉或起司後,Schnaps 可以讓減少胃的不適感








Schnapps is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage. The English word schnapps 

is derived from the German Schnaps, whichcan refer to any strong alcoholic

drink but particularly those containing at least 32% ABV. American schnapps,

however, are liqueurs.


The German word is pronounced [ʃnaps]  ; in English it is /ˈʃnɑːps/ or /ˈʃnæps/.

Schnaps is a Low German noun that means swallow; it has been documented

in its High German meaning since before the 18th century.


German Schnaps is clear, colorless, and has a light fruit flavor. It is distilled

from fermented fruit must, is bottled with noadded sugar, and normally contains

about 40% ABV . Its appearance and taste are the same as that of eau de vie,

but this  French term is seldom used in German-speaking countries.


In AustriaSwitzerland,and southern Germany, these beverages are commonly

called Obstler or Obstbrand (from the German Obst, fruit).Obstler are associated

with the southern part of the German language area. In northern Germany, almost

all traditional distilled beverages are grain-based. 


Equivalent beverages exist all over central and southeastern Europe, where they

are generically called rakia (e.g., slivovitz and palinka).


 A broader definition of Schnaps includes other German-made spirits such as Kräuterlikör 

(e.g., Jägermeister), KornKümmel German gin(e.g., Steinhäger), and generally any  

distilled beverage.


The main kinds of fruit used for German Schnaps are apples, pears, plums, and cherries

listed here in order from the leastexpensive to the most. Apricot is another popular

fruit that is often used in Austrian Schnaps (Marillenschnaps). Fruits other than these

five kinds are rarely used for German Schnaps. Apples are usually used together with

pears to make  fruit brandy (Obstwasser). Pears alone are used to produce Poire Williams


Plums make Zwetschgenwasser, and cherries

make Kirschwasser.


raspberry-flavored spirit called Himbeergeist is also a Schnaps, although it is not

produced by means of fermenting raspberries (Himbeeren), which produce a low yield

of alcohol due to their low sugar content. Instead, rectified spirit is infused with fresh

raspberries, and this is then distilled.


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